File Extension Orig

Files with the .orig extension are not related to any specific software environment. That's because ORIG is simply a shortened form of ORIGINAL. The file extension is used to denote the original version of any particular file, when revisions and new versions have been made. It's used quite extensively by software developers for the purpose of making sure they always have a backup copy of their original files.


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As an example, if a developer were to design a new database to track every widget sold in the world, the file might be saved with the extension .odb (open data base). Upon first running the database it would be common to find bugs, errors, and other issues. Before the developer begins making changes to the file, he would save a copy of it in another folder with the file extension .orig. Some developers simply add the .orig right to the end of the file, leaving the other extension intact. Using the .odb as an example, the new file would be named widget_data_base.odb.orig. In leaving the .odb extension intact the developer can restore the file to it's original associations if it becomes necessary in the future. Some developers might not leave the first extension intact, but it's merely a matter of preference. It's also not uncommon for the .orig file to be appended with dates at the end. For example, file_name.orig.010109 would denote the original data appended on January 1, 2009. The reason for doing this is to track the evolution of a specific project. Appending dates gives developers an easy way to find specific files any time during the development process.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Orig

The .orig extension is commonly used in the Unix and Linux operating systems when patches or bug fixes are applied. If a Linux user were to download a patch for a specific piece of software, and the patch failed top perform, he can simply delete the patch and return the .orig file to it's previous state by renaming it with the proper extension. Sometimes a patch will be written as a script which will automatically apply the .orig extension to the obsolete file. Other times the extension must be added manually before the patch is applied. In either case, it's important to put the .orig file someplace where it can be easily found.

One of the unintended benefits of this extension resides in the matter of security. Transferring data over a network is becoming more and more risky all the time. There's also the matter of privacy when more than one individual has access to the same computer. The creator of a specific file can rename it with the .orig extension for the purpose of transferring it to another machine. As long as he knows what program he used to access the file, he would simply rename it on the other end, using its real file extension. This security method is certainly not flawless and can be hacked by skilled technicians, but for the average desktop user it works well.

The biggest difficulty with the .orig file extension is remembering what is contained in the file after a length of time has passed. If the file contains binary data for just a small section of a much larger project, the author may look at this file months after its creation and not remember what it was for. Since .orig has no file association the author cannot simply click on it and have the appropriate program open it. This is where creative naming comes in. When using the .orig extension, be sure to name the file in such a way as to remind you what's in the file should you ever forget.

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